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Manage Settled Status With Bizimply

With Bizimply, one of the many features allows you as the employer to record the immigration/work status of overseas employees so you can stay compliant and keep a record.

  • Log settled status of your team members at the click of a button.
  • Attach relevant documents to your team records and centralise your HR records.
  • Robust reports that track and filter your team's settled status!

Instant Attendance Visibility

Bizimply's timesheets app automatically connects to Bizimply's Timestation app for iPad to collect live attendance data as your staff clock in, giving you up to data staff attendance at your fingertips.

  • No complicated passwords or usernames. Each employee gets a unique PIN to clock in.
  • All you need is a wifi connection to easily install Bizimply. When installed, Bizimply works offline too!
  • Get accurate break times to the minute.
  • Verify attendance with photo clock in functionality.
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Easy Payroll Integrations

Fully customise your timesheet software solution with our expansive payroll integrations, allowing you to export your attendance data to payroll in a couple of clicks.

  • Easy exports for attendance data.
  • Countless integrations with payroll software.
  • Prepare timesheets in minutes and save hours every week for payroll.
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How does it work?

Take a look at our video exploring Bizimply and how it can help managers increase their bottom line!

We Don't Just Manage Settled Status and Labour Costs - An All In One People Management Solution

Attendance Tracking

Bizimply's Timestation App for iPad ensures that employees are securely and accurately clocked in or out, with timecards ready to be approved by managers for payroll.

HR Management

Important employee information is secure and available only for the people who need to see it. Managers can view and adjust employee's time off easily.

Operational Insights

Monitor the health of your business at a glance with Bizimply's dashboard, outlining labour hours and cost comparisons in real-time.


Schedule multiple locations and departments in minutes with Bizimply's intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. No paperwork required!

Multi-Site Management

Get a complete overview of every location on one platform. Bizimply centralises all information relevant to operations & HR managers to achieve complete transparency within the business.


Your information is stored within a cloud-based system, meaning that Bizimply can be accessed from anywhere at any time of your choosing, with all the information you need.

Powerful integrations with leading software

Bizimply offers countless integrations to ease essential processes like operations management and payroll.


"Bizimply has saved us hours of work each week with all the info we need in one place - rosters, sales and labour spend."

Cian Murphy, Head of Operations, Bakers + Baristas

"The beauty of Bizimply is it can be used anywhere from any device... Everyone in Camile loves using Bizimply."

Lindsey Dowling, Area Manager, Camile Thai

“Bizimply has gifted us complete control over our people and business operations in all locations.”

Prue Freeman, Founder, Daisy Green Collection

"It’s like going from black & white to HD. It’s fantastic."

Jim Smith, Operations Manager, Sim Trava

"There is no real infrastructure cost to Bizimply but what it gives back in terms of business info is priceless."

Steven Glover, Managing Director, Kay's Kitchen

"It’s hard to imagine what it was like before Bizimply. We wouldn’t be able to manage now without it."

Lisa Quinlan, Owner, The Rolling Donut

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